Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Last Days as a Democrat

My Last Days as a Democrat
A friend and I attended a Barack Obama rally. We went there to hear about the coming of the new “Messiah.” We worked our way up to the front of the arena, amazed at the enthusiasm of the crowd. It was like being at a football game. People cheered loudly and excitement was in the air. As a new speaker approached the podium, he resembled Lee Harvey Oswald. His mouth opened and the air filled with hateful words. Anti-war, anti-military, and anti-America statements were all sentiments expressed. The crowd cheered again as if the favorite team scored a winning touchdown. I felt like the Democratic Party rally had turned into the Fairplay for Cuba committee. My friend and I looked at each other and I said, “We better leave before they start passing out the Kool-Aid.”
I exited the rally with great disappointment for the party I had been consistently faithful too.
Upon arriving at my vehicle, I noticed a woman parked next to me. Ah, a fellow partygoer! Maybe my faith would be restored. Her engine was steaming and she was obviously distraught, so I offered to help. “Can you fix this?” she asked. “No, ma’am,” I said apologetically. “I don’t have any experience. But like your candidate, I can offer change. I can give you hope- hope that you don’t crash and burn.”
Surprised, she turned to me and yelled, “Who do you think you are?” I replied with a smile, “Ma’am, I am a Vietnam Veteran, and I’m proud of it.” Her hair frizzled up, her back bowed, and her feet left the ground like a cat. She shook her fist and said, “That explains everything, and shame on you for taking part in that illegal war!”
I shook my head, again surrendering to disappointment. That wouldn’t stop me from retaining my humor. I opened my mouth to have one last crack at a joke. “I’m sorry that you feel that way, “ I began, “but the fact is, I have a vehicle that runs, and you don’t.” End of story.

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